• Sun, 18. December 2022
  • 18:00
  • Olympic Hall

The Kelly Family - The Christmas Party 2022

They are a music phenomenon, a bank in the charts and a wonderful example of what family can be besides pure blood relationship: Inspiration, engine, mission, vocation, passion, diversity of opinion and yet a sworn community. in 2017, THE KELLY FAMILY reported back after more than ten years with their "comeback of the year": they released two No.1 albums ("We Got Love" and 2019's "25 Years Later") and were euphorically celebrated on sold-out tours and open air shows in Europe. After the live tour finale in Munich in February 2020, it was over again for the time being and the family members dedicated themselves to their individual solo projects or simply spent some time with their families for once. 2022 will again be a big Kelly Family year and already now the preparations for it have begun.

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