• Sun, 3. September 2023
  • 17:00
  • Innsbruck, Weltacker Innsbruck Klappholzstrasse 2

Open world field workshop

Do you want to know why so many different plants grow on the Weltacker? Why the areas are different sizes? Or what the whole thing has to do with your everyday life?
Then come along to a workshop that explains the idea behind the Weltacker. More than 500 people - young and old - have already taken part.
The workshop does not require registration and is free of charge - please be there on time for the start!
Will take place whatever the weather
Sun. 3.9. 17:00
Tue. 26.9. 16:00 (special for families)
Tue. 26.9. 17:00
Tue. 26.9. 18:00
Sun. 1.10. 17:00
World field Innsbruck
next to Sportsplatz Reichenau (crossing Egerdachstraße/Klappholzstraße)
We look forward to seeing you!