• Thu, 27. April 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck City Library

Lecture: Grandparents - expectations & opportunities in everyday family life

Grandparents are needed and loved, they are often more relaxed and have more time and patience. In contact with their grandparents, grandchildren can also
develop a deeper understanding of their own family history. Sometimes there are also expectations that are difficult to fulfill or concerns about differing views on parenting. Most of the time, however, it enriches the whole family. And our own experiences? Impulses for parents, grandparents and all interested parties with Birgit Streiter, long-time head of the mother-parent counseling service, and the psychoanalyst and pedagogue Josef Christian Aigner. In cooperation with Elternbildung Tirol.

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Birgit Streiter, doctor and breastfeeding counselor, was head of the Innsbruck mother-parent counseling service for many years. Since retiring, she has also worked in the pastoral care of old people's homes (Tivoli residential home). Deputy chairwoman of the Austrian Child Protection Association (ÖKSB). Birgit Streiter is married, has drei children and drei grandchildren.

Josef Christian Aigner, psychoanalyst, educator, psychotherapist. Professor of Psychoanalytic Pedagogy at the University of Innsbruck until 2017. Volunteer work at Brunnen (counseling), long-time employee of the Austrian Child Protection Association (ÖKSB). Josef Christian Aigner is married, has two children and two grandchildren.

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