• Wed, 27. April 2022
  • 19:00
  • Audioversum

Ways to save the world - Zuhören und Mitreden

A discussion event on the occasion of the int. "Day against Noise" on 27 April
Our current exhibition "SenCity" is an acoustic city trip in 3D. Via headphones, you immerse yourself in a noisy, agitated city, but also experience the soothing world of natural silence. On "Day against Noise", we want to talk to a noise researcher, an ENT specialist, an expert from MED-EL and a CI wearer about the effects of noise on people. How we can make our living environment quieter and what loud and quiet means for hearing loss. Artist Deborah Sengl will talk about her approach to the "audible" AUDIOVERSUM exhibition, in which we try to make people aware of the anthropogenic noise that surrounds us every day

Price: free admission
Age: all ages

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