• Thu, 11. November 2021
  • 20:00
  • Audioversum

Living room concert with Anna Mabo u Clemens Sainitzer

As part of the special exhibition "We listen to vinyl", guitarist and director ANNA MABO will give a concert in a cozy atmosphere with cellist CLEMENS SAINITZER.
Anna Mabo's songs are captivating, they have power, feeling and wit. Now she has written and recorded her second album, called Notre Dame. It's a songwriter's album that crashes and roars - the fat band gives each song what it demands, telling one sound epic after another. But the songs are at the same time quiet, empathetic and uplifting, because "even the Terminator's heart hurts sometimes." Anna Mabo is accompanied by Viennese musician Clemens Sainitzer. The cellist, who has added many novel techniques to his playing to give the violonchello a worthy place in jazz music as well, cannot be compared to classically trained musicians. As versatile as his instrument is, so versatile will be the cozy living room concert together with Anna Mabo!
Tickets & Prices: Advance booking: € 22, box office: € 25

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