• Sat, 12. February 2022
  • 10:00
  • House of encounter

Workshop: Doing the Unthinkable with Philipp Oberlohr

How do we maintain a playful lightness in the storm of this life? How do we develop really good visions? And how do we turn them into reality? The workshop DOING THE THING - impulses for a culture of experimentation provides answers to these questions and supports the participants to go their own way. Different methods - creative techniques, structured conversations, games and a lot of mental movement - lead to
one goal: The participants will develop their personal experimental culture, with which they can get out of the box of old thinking and find new, previously unthinkable solutions. But what is #TrialCulture anyway? The #TrialCulture developed by Philipp Oberlohr enables a playful approach to challenges. It is an attitude of lightness, which acknowledges difficulties and lets us find new ways in the impossibilities of this world with joy.
Cost: € 95 course feeTarget group
: people who want less error culture and more #attempt cultureAdditional information
: Please bring notebook and writing tools

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