• Sun, 2. April 2023
  • 10:00 - 21:00
  • Patsch, Parish Church

Easter grave Patsch

Holy Easter Grave in the Parish Church in Patsch.
Set up from Palm Sunday to Thursday after Easter.
The Eastergrave of the Patsch Parish Church dates back to the year 1767 and was created by the famous painter Johann Joachim Pfaundler (1723-1811). Pfaundler was both painter and parish priest. From 1763 until his death he was trustee in Schöner. He created the Sepulchers in Schöner, Telfes, Fulpmes and Patsch. But only the ones in Schönberg, Telfes and Patsch survived. The Holy Sepulcher in Patsch is one of the few which still shows almost all of the pictures of that time. It consists of three wings that measure 8.5 meters long by 6.5 meters wide and covers the entire Presbytery.