• Wed, 19. July 2023
  • 09:00
  • Innsbruck, City Archive/City Museum


For almost half a century - from his appointment as Innsbruck's music director in 1874 until his death - Josef Pembaur (1848-1923) played a formative role in the cultural life of his home town of Innsbruck. Today, a street, a bridge, a dormitory and several other places in Innsbruck still commemorate him. Despite his great importance for Tyrolean musical life during his lifetime - as director of the Musikverein, as composer, musician, music educator, choir director and concert organiser - few people today know who Josef Pembaur actually was. That is why we keep asking the question in the exhibition: "Pembaur - who?" in an attempt to shed light on the many aspects of Pembaur's comprehensive oeuvre.
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