• Sun, 26. May 2024
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Court Church

Classic concert

The chronicle of the South Tyrolean Benedictine monastery of Säben reads: On October 17 [1691] the venerable Father Romanus Weichlein [...], a highly experienced gentleman in composition and musical instruments, arrived from Salzburg. In 1685, sisters from the Nonnberg monastery near Salzburg had settled on the Säben monastery hill, and six years later they brought in Romanus Weichlein, a monastic musician who had already made a name for himself in his home convent of Lambach - not only because, as parish vicar of the small Waldviertel community of Oberkirchen in the district of Zwettl, he allegedly killed his housekeeper and cook in self-defense. Weichlein had received a first-class musical education from the famous Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber in Salzburg. In Säben he acquired great merits. When he left the monastery in 1705 for Lambach, the chronicler noted: "In the last 13 years he has been a capelin and instructor in music there, has brought the music of Säben to a greater perfection, composed many musicals and brought the monastery much benefit [...]. In and for Säben Weichlein composed his exquisite sonata collection Encaenia Musices (1695), published in print by Jakob Christoph Wagner in Innsbruck, exquisite high baroque chamber music in the manner of Biber, but with a note all of its own: splendid, solemn and brilliant, an impressive testimony to the excellent quality of the Säben monastery music under Weichlein's direction.
A cooperation project with the Tyrolean Provincial Museums & the CD series musikmuseum.

Romanus Weichlein
Encænia Musices Op. 1 (Jakob Christoph Wagner - Innsbruck, 1695) & Trumpet Duets
Christian Gruber & Martin Patscheider - natural trumpets
Gottfried von der Goltz & Karoline Echeverri - baroque violins
German Echeverri & Nina Pohn - baroque violas
Annekatrin Beller - baroque violoncello
Barbara Fischer - violone
Andreas Arend - theorbo
Peter Waldner - organ positive

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