• Tue, 7. November 2023
  • 21:00
  • Music Hall Innsbruck

Von Wegen Lisbeth - captcha Tour 2023

Von Wegen Lisbeth - captcha Tour 2023
Back in their school days, the five Berliners Matze (guitar/vocals), Doz (guitar), Julian (bass), Robert (synth) and Julian (drums) got together, played everything from punk to ska to 8-bit Gameboy music (under a different name at the time) that didn't really fit into a genre and spiced it all up with quirky instrumentation, such as an omnichord, a so-called rainbow eight-string, refined with a hefty dash of Maggi. Since then, pretty much everything has changed for Von Wegen Lisbeth and yet everything has actually remained as it always was: their music still can't be categorized anywhere and can't really be compared to any other band. If you really want to give the whole thing a label, it's best to agree on the term "indie pop" - quite simply because everything can be hidden behind it.
Music Hall Innsbruck
Admission: 7 pm // Start: 8 pm
Tickets are available from Thursday, April 6 (12:00 noon) atwww.oeticket.comavailable.

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