• Wed, 19. April 2023
  • 12:00 - 18:00
  • Pavilion on the Landestheater forecourt

Up and down! Drunter and Drüover!

Up and down! Drunter and drüber!
Creative program for children
Help build our adventurous marble run and let the marbles roll! They roll over wild roller coasters, whizz through mysterious labyrinths, jump over a half-pipe or drehang out in the ball carousel.
Which ball rolls the fastest? What do marbles murmur? Can balls roll upwards?
We cordially invite you to the kick-off event on 14.4 and 15.4.2023.
A cooperation between RFDINSEL and ZOOM Children's Museum Vienna
A concept of the ZOOM Children's Museum Vienna

Anyone who remembers last spring will have already experienced how the Artspace Reich for the island on the forecourt of the Landestheater in cooperation
with bilding art and architecture school into a wonderful world of color
into a realm where your children could experience painting adventures and a
House in the center of Innsbruck for themselves. We want to continue this. Our goal is to create adventure spaces for the children of this city and all its little guests.
This year, we are particularly pleased to have the experts in this field from the
Museumsquartier in Vienna with us in the heart of Innsbruck
to be able to. The ZOOM Children's Museum Vienna is coming to the realm of the island.
Look forward to a participatory experience exhibition from 14.4.- 06.05.2023
Saturday 15.4. from 11:00 - 13:00 Supervised workshop on building a marble run (maximum 30 people at a time, first come first serve)
From 14:00 Opening party with the family band Funky Monkey
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