• Wed, 5. July 2023
  • 00:00
  • Innsbruck, The Raiqua Adamgasse 1-7

Exhibition Tolerance Poster Show

The international traveling exhibition Tolerance Poster Show makes a stop in Innsbruck. Designers from all over the world use the power of design to give the topic of tolerance a public stage. The poster exhibition has already visited public places in over 150 cities.
The project initiator is the Bosnian artist Mirko Ilić, WEI SRAUM curated the exhibition for Innsbruck and Raiqua is the host and facilitator. On display until August 28 in Innsbruck's Adamgasse, on the construction site wall of the future Raiqa Quarter.

More on https://www.weissraum.at/veranstalt.../tolerance-poster-show

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