• Fri, 1. March 2024
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Canisianum

classic concert

Works by Naudé, Lendormy, Lambert, Hotman, de Visée, Rameau, Saggione, and others.
Les Kapsber'girls à 4
Alice Duport Percier - soprano
Axelle Verver - mezzo-soprano
Barbara Hunninger - viola da gamba & baroque violoncello
Albane Imbs - archlute & direction

The debut CD of the young French ensemble Les Kapsber'girls was celebrated by audience and press: The four musicians' exploration of the music of their namesake Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger received numerous awards. Now the quartet, which is constantly on the lookout for exciting repertoire and new, creative approaches to interpretation, is devoting itself to the Brunettes - not brown-haired beauties, but popular French songs published in three volumes by Christophe Ballard, the official music publisher of the Sun King Louis XIV. Ballard harmonized and arranged the original monophonic melodies that everyone knew and that were something like the pop songs of Baroque France. The catchy songs leave a lot of room for interpretation: Les Kapsber'girls know how to use it in an original way and promise a diverse, varied, entertaining evening with delicately elegant early music that sounds quite fresh and unspent, even unexpectedly timeless.

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