• Tue, 6. June 2023
  • 18:00
  • Innsbruck, BRUX - Wilhelm Greilstr. 23

BURN THE SHIT OUT OF ME, BABY! (B**oomB!) - an interactive performance

B**oomB! is a one-hour, interdisciplinary performance that combines theater, dance and music. The collective Heiss/Senk/Shen/Yannilos is inspired by the Tang Ping movement and explores states of exhaustion in modern performance society. A dancer and a musician create atmospheres of exhaustion based on the human heartbeat and with the help of a treadmill. B**oomB! deals with performancedruck, the pressure to self-optimize, the drohende Burnout, self-exploitation and social fatigue. The aim is to create a sensual, sonic experience of the energies that arise when people exhaust themselves and their environment. The performance becomes an immersive event in which the audience questions its own (performance) limits. B**oomB! is the interface between exhausted reality and inexhaustible creativity, with an invitation to collectively participate in the process of (re)creation, to pause, to lie flat.

Performance and Open Laboratories I Following the Open Labs, the collective would like to offer feedback and discussion rounds on the subject of "lying flat" and meritocracy. The results of these feedback rounds will be used to create texts on the one hand and for research on the other.

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