• Sun, 6. August 2023
  • 14:00 - 19:00
  • Grillhof Educational Institute, Vill

Chorverband Tirol "Singing and choir conducting week"

The Chorverband Tirol has once again engaged great speakers for the popular singing and choral conducting week and is looking forward to a lively attendance!
druVroni Bertsch (Bavaria) and Christian Klucker (Switzerland), two extremely likeable and competent choral conductors, will introduce the singers to the world of timbre, build programmatic bridges from tradition to the present day, and discover with the participants approaches to interpretation and expression in song.
Of course, you will again receive the best vocal support and can enjoy "additional subjects" such as Qui Gong, breathing workshops, folk dance,...!
Ideal for choir leaders to prepare themselves expertly for the start of rehearsals in the fall.
There is also a small, admittedly tongue-in-cheek, special: the chef from the Grillhof has agreed to do a barbecue workshop with 20 participants - under his guidance, they will be professionally prepared and barbecued and in the evening the entire course will be spoiled with it! Barbecue at the Grillhof ....
The week is dedicated to music, singing, being together and spending free time together. What could be better for singing enthusiasts?
Sing soul, be free!
Visit www.chorverband.tirolfor more information.