• Wed, 31. May 2023
  • 20:00 - 22:00
  • Zirl, Evenementencentrum B 4


Austromexican Gabriel Castañeda dedicates his latest piece to outrage. Because outrage is the trend! Whether about sausage noodles or Amazon, the camping vacation, to the dread curled hairstyles and the Winnetou carnival costume: Someone is sure to get upset.
And that, in turn, puts Gabriel Castañeda on edge or on the fence.
The Mexican from Tyrol can sometimes escape a "Hardigatti" (in German: "verflixt") when he mocks his way through the excesses of our existence. Bitter as ever, equipped with the sharpest tongue this side of the Rio Grande and as unerring as Lucky Luke, Gabriel Castañeda in his latest program, Gabriel Castañeda shoots punch lines non-stop.
Tickets: Ö-Ticket and Raiffeisenbank
Info: castaneda.tv

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