• Fri, 22. September 2023
  • 14:00
  • Innsbruck, Rossau quarry pond

Gans Anders Festival

Gans Ander! - A festival for art and music that combines the most diverse genres.
From September 22 to 24, right on the shores of Innsbruck's Baggersee, acoustic and electronic sounds ring out from three stages, driving straight into your dancing legs and heart.
On the program are bands, DJ's and live acts, alternative or established, from near and far, dreamy or poignant sounds, from jazz to techno.
The workshop and jam area is establishing itself as a place of free expression. There are no limits to creativity here - pack your gadgets, toys and instruments, clear the stage!
With love for regionality, a lot of work is put into making Gans Anders particularly sustainable in all aspects.
Behind the organization of the Gans Anders Festival is a non-commercial community of craftsmen, architects, musicians, students, restaurateurs, photographers and videographers. They have all set themselves the goal of supporting, promoting and sustainably preserving subculture in Innsbruck.