• Thu, 14. December 2023
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Canisianum

classic christmas concert

Works by Delalande, Corette, Muffat, Vivaldi, Purcell & Ragazzi
Ensemble Castor
Rodolfo Richter - baroque violin & conductor
Le Grand Tour, the great journey was obligatory for a status-conscious young nobleman in the Baroque period. Such a journey led to the important European courts and served primarily the education, especially also the education of good taste in the arts, also in music. Let us imagine that such a nobleman would have come to Paris, London, Venice and Naples around Christmas time: In the churches of Paris he would have heard Christmas melodies that everyone there knew, the so-called Noëls, in Venice he would have heard in the famous Ospedale della Pietà Christmas sweet concerti imitating the music of the shepherds, played by the orphan girls under the direction of Maestro Vivaldi, in London a visit to the Royal Chapel would have been obligatory, because there one could hear the music of Orpheus Britannicus Henry Purcell, and in Naples he would have encountered music everywhere, in the Royal Chapel perhaps the compositions of Signor Ragazzi. The internationally successful Upper Austrian ensemble Castor invites you to this Christmas Grand Tour under the direction of the British-Brazilian baroque violinist Rodolfo Richter. 
7.00 pm pre-concert: Chamber Choir of the Innsbruck Music High School, Conductor: Siegfried Portugaller
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