• Wed, 31. May 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck City Library

Innsbruck Reads Warm-Up: Friederike Gösweiner reads "Rainbow White"

10.000 books and an audio book are available as a literary gift at Innsbruck reads. To warm up for the 19th edition of the campaign, we invite Friederike Gösweiner, author of her debut "Traurige Freiheit" Innsbruck liest 2017, to read from Regenbogenweiß (Droschl, 2022). In conversation with Doris Eibl (jury chairwoman Innsbruck reads), she talks about what has happened since then and gives insights into her work.
Innsbruck reads 2023
The books will be distributed from June 1, this time we will organize the supporting program after the distribution campaign from mid-June.
Information on the selected book and the program will be announced from the end of May. stadtbibliothek.innsbruck.gv.at/innsbruckliest
Rainbow White is a book about equality and happiness, about the necessity of mourning, the fundamental importance of time and about Europe in the here and now.
The novel begins with an ending: Hermann dies suddenly and unexpectedly. He leaves behind his wife and two grown-up children. All drei mourn - each in their own way. The recently retired teacher Marlene begins to help refugees; son Bob, a cosmologist and time researcher, retreats to the far south of Europe into nature; and daughter Filippa, a philosopher in Paris, wants more than ever to finally become a mother. For all of them, the question of a happy life is posed anew and dring more clearly - while major social changes and developments are underway, which they follow with skepticism. "So many decisions that were still unmade back then had to be made for them to be here today. And each one could have turned out differently and then it wouldn't be here today. But how do you make decisions, Filippa thought. How do you make them right?"
Friederike Gösweiner was born in Rum in 1980. She studied German and political science in Innsbruck and has since worked as an author, editor and reviewer. her first novel Traurige Freiheit was published in 2016, for which she received the Austrian Book Prize in the debut category

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