• Sun, 7. May 2023
  • 20:00
  • Mariahilf parish church

Innsbrucker Abendmusik - Biblical Histories - Musical Storytelling around 170

Cecilia Bernardini - baroque violin
Peter Waldner - organ
The Bible is a large-scale collection of stories that have served as a source of inspiration for composers over the centuries. Rarely have these tales found a more exciting musical realization than in Johann Kuhnau's Biblical Histories. Bach's predecessor as Leipzig's Thomaskantor translated six Old Testament episodes into highly pictorial keyboard music. When Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber depicts the Annunciation of Mary in his famous Rosary Sonatas, he creates devotional music of mystical depth. At the end of this collection of sonatas is a famous passacaglia for solo violin, unique in its expressiveness, which refers to the guardian angel. This impressive piece can be placed alongside Bach's breathtaking Chaconne for solo violin as one of the few - a work that tells of dying, as evidenced by the incorporated chorale quotations. Whether based on texts or not, Bach's music is always narrative and pictorial. In this concert, baroque violinist Cecilia Bernardini, who lives in the Netherlands, and Peter Waldner, the artistic director of our concert series, will act as stylistic storytellers on the Pirchner organ of the Landschaftliche Pfarrkirche Mariahilf, built in 1986.
Pre-concert: Hanna Hainz & Simon Brandlechner - organ
(Students of the organ class of Michael Schöch at the Tyrolean State Conservatory)
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