• Mon, 15. May 2023
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Cafe Brennpunkt Viaduktbogen 46-48

Cabaret Newcomer Monday

Cabaret Necomer Monday
at Cafe Brennpunkt Viaduktbogen 46-48
Free admission!

The comedy duo MIKO is actually no longer a newcomer duo. They have been performing very successful short programs at carnivals in Upper Austria for years. Now the two cabaret artists have ventured into a full-length program and one thing can be said in advance, the program is extremely authentic.

They talk as much as they like and are not afraid of soul-searching. They like to take a cheeky look at human behavioral patterns in their programs and naturally focus on the relationships between the two sexes.

On the balcony and at the office, they chat their way through a wide variety of sewing boxes and faux pas - and ensure a good mood with their program "Männer sind nur die Kirsche auf der Torte"!
further information: Association KKI www.kki.at

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