• Mon, 11. September 2023
  • 20:00
  • Haus der Musik

Klangspuren Festival 2023

Composers like Timothy McCormack, Anna Korsun, Hannes Kerschbaumer and Chaya Czernowin work with sound as if it were a living organism or a substance with concrete material properties such as haptics, density, mass and weight. Through intensive sound research they delve into the heart of the sounds, study the specific aspects of their materiality, their textures and energies. What proves to be crucial here is the physical action of the instrumentalists, which the composers study, often in close cooperation with the musicians themselves. In this way, they create compositions which consist not merely of a sequence of events on a timeline, but that give rise to soundscapes into which the listeners can absolutely immerse themselves. Founded in 2013 by alumni of Klangforum Wien, Schallfeld, an ensemble based in Graz, will celebrate its 10-year anniversary with the world premiere of new works by Timothy McCormack, Anna Korsun and Hannes Kerschbaumer. The programme will include Fast Darkness III Moonwords by Chaya Czernowin, the final part of the Fast Darkness series, which was world premiered at the Ultima Festival in Norway in 2022.
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