• Sat, 9. September 2023
  • 20:00
  • Haus der Musik

Klangspuren Festival 2023

For more than 30 years the Swiss cult band The Young Gods has been going beyond the bounds of its musical field and shifting its borders. They have developed their own distinctive style out of a mix of industrial, punk, rock and electro avant-garde. At Klangspuren Schwaz they will present their most recent project, a reinterpretation of Terry Riley’s In C. A work that is regarded as a milestone in recent music history and an embodiment of minimalist composition. Above all, however, it pioneered a new kind of playing with each other. It is more akin to jazz, improvisation and Eastern musical practices than the European musical traditions with their written scores. The US-born composer only provides 53 motifs or patterns in In C; the number of players and instruments is variable. Together with the composer’s playing instructions they create an open, flexible system of rules, an algorithm that makes sure the piece is at all times recognisable as In C, despite the widely varying interpretations the piece has been subjected to since it was first written.
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