• Fri, 8. September 2023
  • 20:00
  • Haus der Musik

Klangspuren Festival 2023

It was Hector Berlioz, who described the orchestra as an enormous instrument of colossal force that has the power to make audible unimagined sound worlds and harmonies, that creates spaces in which the sounds can enter into a dialogue with each other, communicate, swell, and like actors enter and exit the stage with expressive force. The composers Marina Khorkova, Francesco Filidei and Rebecca Saunders sound out this potential of the orchestral apparatus. In each of their own compositional styles they explore movement that continues or breaks off and the physical qualities of tones ¬– such as their timbre and quasi-organic properties like mass, weight, smooth- or roughness – and attempt to make these experienceable. They are concerned with the force of musical expression, from the most intensive, subtle, barely audible nuance at the onset of a tone to the great, animated gesture of the instrumentalists. The exceptionally talented Gregor Mayrhofer will conduct the Tyrolean Symphonic Orchestra Innsbruck. Only 36 years old, he has made a name for himself not only as a conductor, but as a composer as well.

Marina Khorkova: new piece, 2023, WP
Francesco Filidei: I Giardini di Vilnius, Concerto for cello and orchestra, 2023, AP Rebecca Saunders: Traces, 2006/2009
Francesco Dillon, violoncello
Gregor Mayrhofer, conductor
co-curated by Clara Iannotta

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