• Fri, 23. June 2023
  • 20:00
  • Parish church Hl. Petrus

Suspiria Mariana

In the memory of posterity, Augustin Grieninger, who came from Margreid on the South Tyrolean Wine Route, was until recently primarily present as an original poet and writer; his contemporaries, however, appreciated him even more as both a creative and practicing musician. Until recently, however, most of his musical output was considered lost. Thanks to new discoveries, for example from former holdings of the Royal Prussian Library in Krakow, a more accurate picture of his compositional legacy can now be drawn: Augustin Grieninger, who worked at the Augustinian canonical monastery of Rottenbuch in southern Germany, is one of the most interesting and original monastic composers of the High Baroque period in southern Germany and Austria. His sacred motets testify to a sovereign mastery of compositional craft and musical rhetoric, i.e. the art of speaking in tones, as well as melodic inventiveness and a thorough knowledge of the most current stylistic developments in Italy. The ensemble vita & anima, with international specialists in early music, provides for the first time a comprehensive insight into Grieninger's sacred music - a real discovery!

Melanie Hirsch - Soprano
David Feldman - countertenor
Raphael Höhn - tenor
Felix Schwandtke - bass
Ensemble vita & anima
Eva Saladin & Christoph Rudolf - baroque violins
Arno Jochem - cello, viola da gamba & violone
Andreas Arend - theorbo
Reinhild Waldek - baroque harp
Peter Waldner - organ positive

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