• Fri, 1. September 2023
  • 17:30 - 20:30
  • Innsbruck, Valiergasse 60, Tasting Agency

Wine seminar: Red wine connoisseur

Discover the most important red wines, red wine grape varieties and regions of the world. Glass by glass, we immerse ourselves in the different aromas of red wine and taste the facets it can show us - depending on the ageing, region and grape variety.
Perfect for red wine lovers and wine connoisseurs who want to learn more about and taste the diversity of different blue grape varieties, aromas and red wine variants.
Link to booking: https://www.tastingatelier.com/event-details/rotwein-kenner-innsbruck-2023-02-03-17-30
This seminar focuses on the characteristics that reveal the different aromas of red wine. We distinguish between fruity and, for example, rather tart, earthy red wines. Wines with a lot to little tannins (also often referred to as bitter substances) as well as different types of acidity, intensity and ageing of the fine wines.
You will learn which specific aromas the most important countries, growing regions and designations of origin bring with them as well as how to assign contrasting types of red wine to the appropriate descriptions, to recognize them and to find them on your own in the future.
The wine course includes
six international red wines selected by top sommelier Melanie Pascal Heiss
small snacks from her Italian family delicatessen business
the wineMagazin 'Red Wine Connoisseur' and professional tasting documentation
Water and freshly baked bread
Tickets available at: https://www.tastingatelier.com/event-details/rotwein-kenner-innsbruck-2023-02-03-17-30
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